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For one of our customers we are now looking for a Expeditor

Job responsibilities:

  • Plans and schedules movement of materials or other goods and/or coordinates activities involved with procuring goods and services, such as raw materials, equipment, tools, parts, and supplies.
  • Manages the expediting process, including planning, follow-up to ensure receipt of request for quotation packages from vendors, receipt of vendor drawings and documentation, receipt of equipment/materials, coordinate material and equipment deliveries with the jobsite, travel to vendor shops to review work in process, and administration in support of projects or other operating requirements.
  • Participates in or leads project supply management strategy development and implementation and may be assigned as the supply management project lead. May participate in internal and external supply management presentations.
  • Keen safety awareness.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • Operates well in multi-company team environment.
  • Prompt and driven worker.
  • Accountable to the Project Procurement Manager, Project Management, Project Buyer and/or other designated Supply Management project lead for effective execution of company policies and procedures relating to expediting, (including but not limited to, safety and ethics).
  • Timeliness, accuracy and adequacy of expediting and administration activities.
  • Fulfillment of expediting requirements during project performance.
  • Effective supervision of change activity to assure adequate protection of the company against potential supplier claims.
  • Timeliness, accuracy and adequacy of problem identification, status reporting and corrective action
  • Effectiveness of relationships with suppliers, management, construction, customers, support organizations, and project team members.
  • Works with and sometimes directs others in Supply Management regarding implementation and support of Supply Management programs and procedures. Works with project personnel and material control to plan and support Supply Management execution for the project. Coordinates with Project Management and Construction Management during project execution.
  • Assures compliance with Supply Management policies and procedures and brings any non-compliance issues to the attention of management.

Your experience and qualifications:

  • 2 – 10 yrs. in supply management or related field, with specific experience in expediting
  • Does data entry and other functions necessary for administration and closeout in support of projects or other operating requirements.
  • Executes assigned work under the close supervision and guidance of an Expeditor, the Procurement Manager or other more senior level Supply Management personnel.

Job Specifications:

The application deadline for this position is ASAP, but we will also consider candidates for similar or other relevant positions consecutively.

Workplace: Stavanger

Start: ASAP

Duration: 2 years

Contiki Ressurser tilbyr deg som ansatt:

  • Faglig utvikling og fleksibilitet gjennom å jobbe i prosjekter hos store offentlige og private virksomheter
  • God oppfølging av våre medarbeidere
  • Gode forsikrings- og pensjonsordninger

I Contiki Ressurser vektlegger vi å være tett på våre ansatte og vi fokuserer på å være en profesjonell, trygg og hyggelig arbeidsgiver hvor du tydelig skal merke at fokus er på deg.

Har du spørsmål rundt stillingen er det bare å kontakte meg, Marina Isdal, på e-post: eller på telefon 98236403. Hvis du mener at dette er jobben for deg – send en utfyllende CV og en kort beskrivelse av hvorfor du søker og vi tar kontakt med aktuelle kandidater for en samtale.