Planning Engineer - Bergen


Vi søker kandidater til følgende stilling i Bergen:

Assignment title:          
Planning Engineer

Contract Period:           
Start: 30.04.2012  End: 28.06.2013

Option period:   No

Number of consultants: 1

Assignment description:
Job description: Planner for MPR Improvement Program

-           Make templates for plan input
-           Collect plan input from various local 
            project managers and Work stream managers
-           Make a project and program plan
-           Update plan progress and add changes to the plan.
-           Make plan reports for project and program
-           Make plan vs cost reduction and plan vs. 
            value creation reports
-           Present plan status on weekly basis, 
            as well as in monthly gatherings

The improvement program shall support the line in reducing cost with 1,1 BNOK and increase value creation with 800 MNOK by the end of 2014.
The ambition of PM is safe, reliable and efficient operations. The improvement program is the oil in the machinery which will make this happen.

To secure the ability to implement and balance between daily operations and the improvement program, PM has sat aside dedicated resources to the improvement program. These resources has different roles and responsibilities, and closely cooperate with each other and the line to secure progress, common understanding and experience transfer.

With basis in analysis, benchmarks and improvement suggestions which the line have reported, it have been established five workstream teams which is to support the line/function manager in the work in examine and recommend solutions. The Work streams cooperate also with the respective process owner in securing that the solutions are in line with the company’s strategies and that the contribute to the improvement of the company’s work processes.

The workstreams are currently:
-           Maintenance and Inspection
-           Modifications
-           Supply chain Management
-           Finance and Control
-           Human Resources

Each facility has a local project manager who is a part of the facility’s management group and support the facility managers in carrying out local activities and implementing common activities as decided by PM MC. The cooperate with the workstream managers in carrying out common activities and are responsible for follow-up of progress and profit realization in accordance with the facility’s improvemtgoals,
In addition to the local project managers, there is also a project manager which does follow-up of the value creation activities.

The facilities are located at:
-South Riding Point

Competence requirements:
Software knowlege requirements:
- Safran Project
- MS-Excel
- MS-Outlook

Language requirements (if essential for the work):
Norwegian and English.

Work percent:   100 %

Onshore, Sandsli

Commuters accepted?   No

Svarfrist: ASAP og senest innen 24.04.2012

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