Material management consultant


We are seeking for candidates for the following assignment:

Assignment title:
Material Management Consultant

Contract period:
June 2014-June 2015

Option period:
1 x 6 months

Competence required:
Bachelor or Master Degree in relevant field, more than 3 years relevant experience.

Assignment description:
The department Materials Planning & Design is responsible for gathering information from contractors and sub contrators to ensure we can facilitate spare parts analysis for plant integrity based on criticality, maintenance concept and procurement strategy. We code in this information in SAP (material numbers) to ensure availability of critical materials and we build BOMs (Bill of materials) so Maintenance planning can specify exactly where maintenance tasks are to be performed & we can ensure spares are available for that job.

Tasks and responsibilities:
• Part of Operations team in projects and modifications • Communication of requirements within Projects • Quality control of TMI (Tag Main Index), BOM (Bill of materials), SPIR (spare parts list and interchangeability record) and documentation and working with our supplier and collegues to get the required quality. • Facilitatation of spare part assessment (OM02.01.04) - in partnership with projects technical discipline responsible • Coordinate preparation of SAP to be a tool for inventory, maintenance, procurement, and secure these parts of SAP as a functional tool during operations. Most of this work is carried out by a 3rd party. • Handling av M5 notifications for modifications for updating SAP • Use of Statoils systems & applications (MM tool, PROCOSYS, STID, SAP etc) • Working closely with our partners in Rosenberg & Sharecat. • Training of collegues in Statoil and contrators of our process and requirements.

Work percent: 100%

Workplace: Oslo, Fornebu

Svarfrist: Snarest og senest 19.5

Contiki Ressurser er en aktiv aktør i et spennende og dynamisk marked. Hos oss vil du bli en del av et bransjemiljø og ha gode muligheter for faglig utvikling. Vi tilbyr konkurransedyktige betingelser, samt gode pensjons og forsikringsordninger. Ta kontakt på telefon 481 23 938/ 982 36 403 hvis du vil ha mer informasjon eller send CV til


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