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The Company is an international energy company present in more than 30 countries around the world, executing global projects.  Several engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts have been awarded to major players in the market. The liability for completing the project according to the contract lies with the contractor, it is important for Company to follow up the building process closely in order to assure the contractor deliver both economically and  technically according to the EPC contract and in accordance with Company’s business needs and requirements. To ensure such a contractual, safe and efficient project delivery Company will establish a contract follow-up team. The team will perform evaluation, verification, and testing necessary to prove technical and operational requirements specified in the EPC contract as well as other relevant business tasks related to the project as required.

Assignment title: Completion Planner
Contract period: 05.01.2015 - 31.12.2016
Option period: 2 x 12 months

Description about project/department Completion Planners – Green Field Projects:
The Completion Planner is responsible for establishing all planning processes and that deliverables are developed and aligned with planning, commissioning and completion requirements (ARIS) and best practice. Ensure alignment with Lead Planner. Align with and assist Completion Manager. In close cooperation with Completion Manager contribute to the overall commissioning and completion schedule for the project.

Description about task and responsibilities Roles, responsibilities and tasks
Establish and maintain all schedule documents (in cooperation with all disciplines):
 - Input to Project Detailed Schedule (Level 2)
 - Input to Interface Schedule
 - Detailed Commissioning Schedule (level 4) containing
   commissioning and start-up 
 - Establish RFC dates for systems and sub-systems
 - Establish handover matrix plan from commissioning 
   to Operation
 - S-Curves and Manpower Histograms
 - Input to Project Planning Basis 
   (input to Project Control Basis)

• Establish and perform Schedule Control:
 - Repare and implement system for schedule control
   (progress, schedule indicators and float development)
 - Weekly update of progress for Level 4 network and 
   Level 5 job cards 
 - Provide progress status and float development
   reporting in Commissioning
 - Critical path analysis
 - Follow up and ensure active steering of targets,
   milestones, critical path and risks by identifying and
   propose mitigating actions
 - Follow-up MC handover matrix plan to commissioning
 - Communicate plans, targets and status to project members

• Handling of schedule interfaces:
 - Build good relationship with Contractors and Vendors.
   Work closely with Operation during execution
 - Facilitating between the various project areas to
   ensure an optimal use of time and money
 - If required ensure that planning and commissioning principles
   are used to control contracts and purchasing in preparation of
   procurement strategies, contract formulation, pre-screening of suppliers, 
   establishment of Exhibit C, D and F, and the evaluation of bids
 - Monitor and secure proper float between schedule interfaces

• Schedule Risk o Provide input to the risk management process:
 - Evaluate risk issues with possible schedule effects and be involved
   in defining the mitigation measures and evaluating their potential success

• Schedule Revision/ Management Document Revision:
 - Weekly and Monthly reporting. Contribute in baseline updates (CCS)
   and give input to budget 
 - chedule change control (project changes and variations). All changes shall
   be evaluated with possible schedule effects and be involved in evaluating
   their potential success

• Close-out:
 - Facilitate the exchange of and utilize experiences and benchmarking
   with other projects internally
 - Prepare experience transfer feedback to templates and
   governing documents

• Active leadership in planning discussions with project management, the project organization and suppliers

• The planning function shall be proactive in schedule analysis, providing management with schedule consequences related to delays, productivity, changes etc. and
   propose mitigating and corrective actions in order to ensure a timely project development 

Work related competence Experience, qualification and abilities:
• Minimum 8 years of experience from project development/execution
  (within project execution, completion and commissioning)
• Extensive knowledge within Company’s governing documentation
• Experience with contractors
• High focus on HSE, ethics and Company’s values
• Well-developed teambuilding, co operational- and communication abilities
• Structured, systematic and target driven with well-defined goals
• Multidiscipline understanding and ability to work ‘across’ all areas in the project
• Ability to handle responsibility and periodically high work loads
• Travel must be expected

Language requirements: English

International assignment:

Work location Onshore sporadic offshore
Norway first 6-12 months Oslo
South Korea 12-24 months
Norway / UK 6-12 months
Personnel area / subarea -
Commutors accepted Yes
Work hours Full time
Rotation None
Duty scheme No

Candidate(s) may be considered relevant for similar position(s) in other international projects. Change of work location may be required by Company during the assignment. Any such change shall be based on mutual agreement between the parties. 

Contact Contiki Ressurser at 982 36 403/481 23 938 for more information - or send your CV to 

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